Part-time Course

Facebook Marketing

Learn skills to succeed on one of the largest marketing platforms


Learn how to launch and optimize campaigns

Dive deep into Facebook's marketing platform and learn how to launch, evaluate, and scale your campaigns. Taught by industry leaders, you'll get to tap into their insights and feedback as you launch ads for real companies. Whether you're starting something new or looking to evaluate and contribute to your company's ad process, this course will get you comfortable on Facebook Ads.

  • Technique
    Learn all the terms and techniques needed to succeed
  • Tools
    Dive deep into the tools available through Facebook Ads
  • Spend
    Spend real money on the platform to learn the craft

What you will learn

Over the course of 6 sessions, you'll learn the ins and outs of the Facebook Ads platform, which also includes Instagram and Messenger. Each session includes a combination of lecture and workshop, along with additional reading resources. You’ll learn all the skills to excel at Facebook marketing and pass its Blueprint credential.

  • Build

    Building ads the right way

    Facebook is a social platform! Learn how to fit in with the content and leverage engagement to your marketing advantage.

  • Audience

    Understanding your audience

    From core audience on Facebook to building retargeting and lookalike audiences, learn the powerful audience tools at your disposal.

  • Analyze

    Analyzing, optimizing, and growing

    Learn how to evaluate key success metrics and draw the link from your ads to the dollars they generate with pixel tracking.

  • Bar

    Leap over the bar

    Get the instruction and mentorship to confidently take Facebook's Blueprint certification program.

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Part-time education, real results

Facebook Marketing is a part-time course designed to fit into your work or class schedule. In the evening lectures, you’ll learn the skills you need to start building effective marketing campaigns. All lecture content is recorded and available online through our course platform.

Each session also includes a hands-on workshop, in which you’ll spend real money and progressively optimize from week to week. You'll also get additional suggested readings and materials to reinforce your skill development.

Week at Bitmaker

  • Class

    Learn new skills from the expert instructors and hands-on practice.

  • Homework

    Every week you'll apply the skills you learn in class to assignment work. Expect up to 10 hours of out-of-class work and reading.


Part-time, 6 weeks Course

Additional Information

  • Industry Expert Instructors

    We're not teaching you from a textbook, our instructors teach you skills informed by real-world experience.

  • Hands-on Learning

    Get hands-on with the Facebook marketing platform from Power Editor to external integrations with analytics tools.

  • Real Spend, Real Results

    You'll get to launch and evaluate ads for real businesses. See how far a little budget can go.

Need financing?

Course financing

We work with some great partners to provide financing options to our students, including a 6-month deferred payment option that allows students to make no payments until after completing the course. Qualifying applicants can:

  • Cover your total course fees
  • Choose a term of up to 60 months
  • Pay early with no penalties

Traditional term loans are also available. Please contact our admissions advisors if you have questions about financing!


How to apply

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    Complete the application form

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    Get all your questions answered by our admissions team

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    Reserve your spot with a deposit

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  • Course: What are your instructors like? Who will be teaching me?

    Our instructors have significant professional experience with the platform we’re teaching. Our philosophy is to select instructors for our courses who have made a living using the skills that they will be teaching to students. All of our digital marketing stream instructors are still active in the field and continue to professionally use their skills on a day-to-day basis. This means that the curriculum for our courses is informed by practical experience, not academic theory.

    We also select instructors based on their skills in mentorship and their participation in the tech community. General Assembly Bitmaker instructors are teaching because they have a passion to ‘give back’ and help more people achieve the success in this field that they’ve enjoyed.

  • Course: When we are executing real ads in the course, what company will we be working with?

    The companies who give our students the opportunity to spend real money learning how to execute campaigns are typically clients or friends of the course instructors, as such they change from session to session. If you’re interested to know what partner has been selected for your cohort, please ask our admissions team.

    It is thanks to these valued partners that our students get the chance to practice skills in the real world, so we’re incredibly grateful to them.

  • Course: I have my own business or budget to spend through my employer, can I choose to do ads for my own company instead of the case study?

    Yes, you can choose to spend out of your company’s budget! Some students specifically want to focus their learning on the industry of their company, so we are happy to support you in completing your exercise and assignment work on your own account.

    Please keep in mind that some advertising techniques involve tools you will need to install on your website, for example Facebook’s conversion pixel or Google Analytics tracking. While we can provide practical advice on setting these up, we cannot offer full support installing these services for students.

  • Admissions: How strong do my digital marketing skills need to be before taking this course?

    You should be comfortable with the landscape of online marketing and the broad terminology involved. If you have no background in digital marketing, you may want to consider enroling in our Intro to Digital Marketing course before diving into a platform-specific course.

    Our goal in this course is to help marketers achieve proficiency on Facebook’s advertising platform.

  • Outcomes: What do I leave the course with? What will I have accomplished?

    By the end of the course, you will have spent money in an effort to generate sales, written dozens of lines of copy, and optimized your spend using practical analytical skills. Students will leave with confidence to manage and execute successful campaigns on Facebook.

    This course is aligned to prepare you to complete Facebook’s Blueprint ‘Core Competencies’ exam, if you are interested in pursuing platform credentials. You will take the practice exam as part of this course.

    If you’re interested in the specifics of the curriculum, you can request a syllabus on this page or by contacting our admissions team.

  • Outcomes: How will learning skills through this course benefit my career?

    Whether you manage marketing spend for your company or are trying to launch a new business with a shoestring budget, practical marketing skills on one of the world’s largest advertising platforms are invaluable.

    If you’re a manager, you know that agencies charge incredibly high fees and often can deliver frustrating results. If you’re a startup founder, you know spending a large chunk of your small budget towards external help can be risky. Knowing how to execute campaigns yourself can mitigate your concerns or ultimately propel you into a new phase of your marketing career.

    Additionally, if you’re looking to freelance with these skills, this course will help you prepare for certification through Facebook’s Blueprint exam.

  • Location: Can I get to Bitmaker by way of public transit?

    Our downtown Toronto campus is located at 220 King St West, which is very close to St. Andrew Station and the King streetcar. We’re also a 15-minute walk from Union Station if you are commuting on the GO network.

  • Location: Is this course offered remotely?

    We don’t offer this program remotely – students must attend class at Bitmaker.