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Python Programming

Build a custom web or data application in 10 weeks


Discover the versatility of Python and its powerful applications

Python is shaping the world as we know it, with applications spanning web development, data science and analysis, game development, and more — even NASA contractors leverage its data management capabilities for shuttle missions. Tap into the demand for Python programming skills, and translate new knowledge into career gains.

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    Remember that summer blockbuster with the huge explosions? Companies like Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic use Python to help program the special visual effects we see on the big screen. It has enabled them to develop standard toolkits they can reuse across productions, while still retaining the flexibility to build custom effects in less time than ever before.
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    Python is used to run various parts of some of today’s most popular websites, including Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. In fact, the visual bookmarking platform Pinterest has used Python in some form since it was founded. Python code has also powered the file-storage platform Dropbox’s desktop applications and server infrastructure for more than a decade.
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    Python is prevalent in the artificial intelligence community for its ease of use and flexibility. For example, a business could build a basic chatbot that answers common customer questions. Programmers could use Python to scrape the contents of email exchanges, identify common themes with visualizations, and build a predictive model to supply the chatbot with responses.

What you will learn

Throughout this course, you’ll build a Python program and add on increasing complexity as your learning progresses. Explore the essentials of object-oriented programming, troubleshoot Python code, and push your skills to the next level by adding scripting, modules, and APIs to your Python toolkit. Apply Python skills to data visualization with Pandas or web applications with Flask, and demonstrate everything you've learned by completing a cumulative, final project.

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    Get ahead with today’s essential skills

    Discover why professionals ranging from analysts to web developers rely on Python programming to excel in their work. Dive into fundamental concepts and techniques, and build your own custom web or data application.

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    Evolve with the tech-driven economy

    Tap into the demand for Python programming skills, and translate new knowledge into career gains. Our dynamic coursework is designed by industry experts to align with today’s employer demands.

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    Become part of a global community

    Collaborate with experts and peers at the local level, and join GA’s growing global network. After the course is through, you’ll access exclusive perks, opportunities, and events to continue pursuing a lifetime of learning.

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Part-time, 10 Weeks Course

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