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Web Development

Become a web developer in 9 weeks


Launch your idea or start your career

Want to become a professional web developer? This is how it’s done. In this intensive, fully immersive 9-week course, we'll teach you everything you need to know to unlock your spot in one of the fastest-growing industries.

  • Instructors
    Learn from professional developers
  • Tools
    Get practical, career-ready skills
  • Career
    Ongoing career placement support

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What you will learn

Mixing lecture and project-driven learning, students learn a framework to solve real-world problems with code. If you’re looking to become a kick-ass junior developer, this course will give the skills you need to jumpstart your career or launch your idea.

  • File html

    Front-end development

    Create beautiful sites with HTML and CSS. Make your site respond to users using JavaScript with interactivity, logic, and animation.

  • Terminal

    Programming fundamentals

    Learn the core skills of development with Ruby – a beginner-friendly, general purpose programming language.

  • Server database

    Server-side development

    Work with the open-source Ruby on Rails framework to create powerful web applications that store and manipulate data.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration and design patterns

    Developers don't work alone. Learn how to structure and collaboratively work on code using Github. Learn and use transferable, best practices.

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How we get you ready for your next career

Bitmaker's approach to education involves more than just teaching you in-demand skills. This is a short course, but not a shortcut. Your effort can make these 9 weeks as valuable as 2+ years in other environments.

  • Resourceful:
    Gain a problem-solver mindset. Learn by doing.
  • Resilient:
    Try it. Take feedback. Iterate. Grow.
  • Collaborative:
    Work with peers and mentors. Communicate your ideas.

Day at Bitmaker

  1. Coffee & Code

    Sharpen your coding skills with smaller, quicker problems. Get caffeinated to boot!

  2. Lesson

    Learn new concepts and immediately put them into practice.

  3. Lunch & Learn

    Hear from guest speakers, develop career skills, or take a tour of a local startup.

  4. Project Work

    Work on assignments to develop practical skills in a structured and supportive environment with industry-expert mentors.

  5. Office Hours & Crunch Time

    Get 1-on-1 time with instructors. Students often stay late to work together and solve problems before heading home. Make the most of your 9 weeks!

Additional Information

More than just classwork

Beyond building the hard skills in class, you need to get involved in the local tech scene and market yourself. We're here to help you succeed with career development support and opportunities to get into the community.

  • Career workshops

    From preparing an industry-specific resume to creating an online presence, you'll pick up the skills to stand out.

  • Guest speakers

    Experience additional specialized sessions from top professionals and get tips from Bitmaker alumni.

  • Site visits

    Take a tour of a local startup and see what the work environment is all about.


Our instruction team features top talent who have made a career with the skills they're teaching in our classrooms. They know what it takes to succeed and are here to help you reach your goals.

  • Fred

    Fred Ngo

  • Brock

    Brock Whitbread

  • Sanborn

    Sanborn Hilland

  • Natalie

    Natalie Black

  • Mina011

    Mina Mikhail

  • Fabio

    Fabio Gelsomini


Full-time, 9 Weeks Course

Additional Information

  • Immersive Learning

    9 weeks of full-time coursework, with over 40 hours of lecture or assignment work per week.

  • Job Ready

    Access to career development workshops, office hours, and instructor feedback.

  • Career Support

    Dedicated staff to help you get into your first junior development role with facilitated interviews and introductions.

Need financing?

Course financing 579cad4955b47a5e9bf7d1dac8cf4f3dd0c9e41a148937d7c3193acdab1f799a

We work with some great partners to provide financing options to our students, including a 6-month deferred payment option that allows students to make no payments until after completing the course. Qualifying applicants can:

  • Cover up to $10,000 in course fees
  • Choose a term of up to 60 months
  • Pay early with no penalties

Traditional term loans are also available. Please contact our admissions advisors if you have questions about financing.


  1. March 2017, Full-time, 9 Weeks

    1. Early Bird Deadline

      Enrol before this date to save $500

    2. Installfest

      Meet your classmates and get your computer ready

    3. Your First Day

      Jump into code from day 1 at Bitmaker

    4. Demo Day

      Show off your new skills to the community

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