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Web Development

Become a web developer in 12 weeks


Launch your idea or start your career

Want to become a professional web developer? This is how it’s done. In this intensive, fully immersive 12-week course, we'll teach you everything you need to know to unlock your spot in one of the fastest-growing industries.

  • Instructors
    Learn from professional developers
  • Tools
    Get practical, career-ready skills
  • Career
    Ongoing career placement support

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What you will learn

Mixing lecture and project-driven learning, students learn a framework to solve real-world problems with code. If you’re looking to become a kick-ass junior developer, this course will give the skills you need to jumpstart your career or launch your idea.

  • Terminal

    Programming fundamentals

    Learn the core skills of development with Ruby – a beginner-friendly, general purpose programming language.

  • File html

    Front-end development

    Build beautiful sites with HTML and CSS. Using modern approaches, you'll ensure your design responds to all your users' devices.

  • Server database

    Server-side development

    Work with the open-source Ruby on Rails framework to create powerful web applications that store and manipulate data.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration and design patterns

    Developers don't work alone. Learn how to structure and collaboratively work on code using Github. Learn and use transferable, best practices.

  • Js

    Front-end interactivity

    Create highly-interactive user interfaces using modern JavaScript tools and techniques. Dynamically update your users with data from third-party APIs.

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How we get you ready for your next career

Bitmaker General Assembly's approach to education involves more than just teaching you in-demand skills. This is a short course, but not a shortcut. Your effort can make these 12 weeks as valuable as 2+ years in other environments.

  • Resourceful:
    Gain a problem-solver mindset. Learn by doing.
  • Resilient:
    Try it. Take feedback. Iterate. Grow.
  • Collaborative:
    Work with peers and mentors. Communicate your ideas.

Day at Bitmaker

  1. Lesson

    Learn new concepts and immediately put them into practice.

  2. Lunch & Learn

    Hear from guest speakers, develop career skills, or take a tour of a local startup.

  3. Project Work

    Work on assignments to develop practical skills in a structured and supportive environment with industry-expert mentors.

Additional Information

More than just classwork

Beyond building the hard skills in class, you need to get involved in the local tech scene and market yourself. We're here to help you succeed with career development support and opportunities to get into the community.

  • Career workshops

    From preparing an industry-specific resume to creating an online presence, you'll pick up the skills to stand out.

  • Guest speakers

    Experience additional specialized sessions from top professionals and get tips from Bitmaker alumni.

  • Site visits

    Take a tour of a local startup and see what the work environment is all about.


Full-time, 12 Week Course

Additional Information

  • Immersive Learning

    12 weeks of full-time coursework, with over 40 hours of lecture or assignment work per week.

  • Job Ready

    Access to career development workshops, office hours, and instructor feedback.

  • Career Support

    Dedicated staff to help you get into your first junior development role with facilitated interviews and introductions.

Need financing?

Course financing

Need payment assistance? Our financing options allow you to focus on your goals instead of the barriers that keep you from reaching them. Our team can help walk through payment plans, financing partners or public programs you may be eligible for.

• Employer Pay
• FinanceIT
• Ontario Gov.'s Second Careers
• Immigrant Access Fund
• Canada's Veterans Program
• Canada-Ontario Job Grant
• Student Loan for Banks
• RRSP: Lifelong Learning Plan

Reach out to our admissions advisors and they can help provide answers to your financing questions.


How to apply

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    Complete the application form

  2. 2

    Visit our Toronto campus or chat with our admissions team

  3. 3

    Reserve your spot with a deposit

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  • Course: Can I really learn the skills I need to get started into a new career in 12 weeks?

    Yes, but your learning isn't going to be done after 12 weeks. Becoming a proficient junior developer is your first step to building a development career. If you keep coding and jump into a job or projects that you love, you will continue on the amazing learning trajectory that employers are looking for from junior employees.

    This course provides the environment and skill development to create a solid launchpad for students but – like with all careers – there's no substitute for learning on the job.

  • Course: Why do you teach Ruby and JavaScript?

    Ruby is a very accessible language for beginners and Rails is a powerful framework that lets you build things very quickly. Teaching JavaScript is a no-brainer since it’s the most popular language in the world. Building on JavaScript with the React.js framework opens the possibility to create incredibly interactive pages.

    All of these technologies combine to give our students an extremely well-rounded skill set. A core principal of our program is to focus will on solidifying the foundational skills needed to become a great programmer. The skills you'll learn are also transferable to many other modern languages and frameworks.

    While there are many other language and frameworks we could teach, we have found that Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and React provide the best balance of learning accessibility and career opportunity for our students. One of our long-time instructors recently contributed an article to our blog about how to pick the technologies you learn and what matters most.

  • Course: Is Bitmaker a registered institution in Ontario with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development?

    Yes, our immersive programs have been registered as vocational courses since November 17th, 2016. If you require documentation of this program’s status for any reason, please contact us to request this information.

  • Course: How has registration changed what you teach?

    We’re pleased to say that our programs were approved in their existing forms. We continue to iterate and improve on our courses with the same focus on real-world skill development as we did before seeking registration. Working with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development has been incredibly productive. We’re happy that students now benefit from the same protections as they would at any private institution.

  • Admissions: Do I need to have a background in programming before I begin the course?

    No, you don't need a Computer Science degree or work experience in development, but you do need to complete a prep work course. Before the first day of class, Web Development students need to have a familiarity with HTML, CSS, the UNIX command-line interface, and programming basics. Our prep work takes about 40 hours and many students complete it multiple times to get ready for the course.

  • Admissions: Are public student financing options available for this program?

    At this time we cannot offer Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) funding, but there are other financing options available. Our programs do qualify for Second Careers Ontario financing.

    Most students who need financial support leverage FinanceIt, a loan provider with whom we can directly facilitate student financing. If you have potential access to financial support through your bank, we can provide documentation of accreditation as needed. As there are many financial support options available, we suggest contacting us directly to learn more about what may work best for you.

  • Admissions: Is it possible to work part-time while taking the course?

    No, we do not recommend that students have any other major commitments during the course. You'll do much better with a full focus on learning. You get out of the course what you are able to put into it. If your goal is to start a new career, you need to bunker down for the duration of the course.

    Even when you give the course your full attention, you will feel overwhelmed at times. This is why it’s important to manage your commitments and try to learn as much as you can in twelve weeks. It may sound like a big commitment, but our programs will set you on an amazing trajectory if you are focused.

  • Outcomes: What do I leave the course with? What will I have accomplished?

    By the end of the course you’ll have completed several individual and group projects, culminating in one primary portfolio project. Your portfolio project is your main showpiece that you will complete during the final two weeks of the course, but all assignment work can also be expanded and leveraged when demonstrating your skills and learning curve to prospective employers.

    You’ll have become friends with your amazing classmates and cultivated relationships with incredible mentors. If you make the most of the career support and networking opportunities, you’ll also leave the course with a network that will help you get started.

    This course will help you develop foundational skills to enable you to continuously learn and add new skills. Every new job, even within the same technology set, requires developers to relearn many skills. You’ll be prepared with the core knowledge you need to make these leaps.

  • Outcomes: What post-program support does Bitmaker General Assembly offer?

    We offer extensive career support after the program, which includes a demo day showcasing your portfolio projects. Our career support team is here to mentor you as you are searching work and help you get your foot in the door with warm introductions to our extensive network of partners.

    Additionally, we offer alumni office hours to Web Development graduates in order to provide support as you continue to learn new skills. Our doors will always be open to alumni and we want to help them success however we can.

  • Location: Can I get to Bitmaker General Assembly by way of public transit?

    Our downtown Toronto campus is located at 220 King St West, which is very close to St. Andrew Station and the King streetcar. We’re also a 15-minute walk from Union Station if you are commuting on the GO network.

  • Location: Is this course offered remotely?

    We don’t offer this program remotely – students must attend class at Bitmaker General Assembly

  • Admissions: Do I need to complete any proficiency tests before being admitted?

    While applicants do not need to have a background in programming to enrol in the course, we provide a small set of take-home exercises to help you judge whether the program will be a good fit for you.

    As part of the admissions process, we ask for applicants to submit their work on these exercises and will discuss the code you create. These exercises can help applicants gauge their own commitment and readiness for jumping into an immersive program.

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