JavaScript Fundamentals Bootcamp

Saturday, June 23

In this Saturday workshop, you'll add interactivity to a responsive, interactive website, learning about variables, functions, events, and more along the way.

Before you attend We strongly recommend that you attend one of our Intro to HTML & CSS workshops before the weekend, if you have no experience with those languages. We'll be working with some code that you'll need to understand. You can check out our workshop schedule here.

Who's this workshop for? This is an introductory workshop for beginners who have little-to-no experience programming. If you're a non-technical founder, a creative entrepreneur, someone who works closely with developers, or you're just curious about code, this bootcamp will give you a foundation of practical know-how. Here are some common questions this workshop will answer for attendees:

Can I learn code? Is this a career for me? What do developers do? How can I talk their language? I have a business idea – how hard is it to build it out? What is code? What's involved in programming?

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