Customer Journey Mapping - Bootcamp

Wednesday, August 22

Learn how to create customer journey maps with Andrew Chak, Director of Design for Wattpad!

Consumer empathy. It’s the key to successful product strategy, design, and marketing. Through it, we find unanswered questions, unmet needs, and idea­ catalyzing behaviors. But building a business, product, or service around a point­-in-­time understanding of your consumer is a strategy destined to fail. To successfully create an offering that dramatically shifts behavior, organically generates habitual engagement, and promotes a profitable viral cycle, we must first understand the consumer journey.

This workshop will teach you a multidisciplinary approach to consumer journey mapping research, design, and implementation. You will leave equipped with the approach, tools, and knowledge to successfully employ consumer journey mapping in product design, service design, marketing, and business design.

What will be covered:

• Where and how to find the necessary data and research inputs to customer journey maps

• Proven consumer journey map design methodologies used for major brands and products

• How to implement consumer journey maps as shown by real business case studies

Getting ready to attend

A computer is not required for this session – please come prepared to to learn something new about engaging consumers with UX design concepts!

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