JavaScript Fundamentals Bootcamp

Saturday, July 28

In this Saturday workshop, you'll add interactivity to a responsive, interactive website, learning about variables, functions, events, and more along the way.

Please note: we strongly recommend that you attend one of our free Intro to HTML & CSS workshops prior to our JavaScript Bootcamp – check out our upcoming workshop schedule for dates!

Who's this workshop for?

This is an introductory workshop for beginners who have little-to-no experience programming. If you're a non-technical founder, a creative entrepreneur, someone who works closely with developers, or you're just curious about code, this bootcamp will give you a foundation of practical know-how. Here are some common questions this workshop will answer for attendees:

Can I learn code? Is this a career for me? What do developers do? How can I talk their language?
I have a business idea – how hard is it to build it out? What is code? What's involved in programming?

Meet your instructor: Betty Li, developer at Shopify

Betty Li took our web development course and is now a full-time developer at Shopify and part-time instructor at Bitmaker GA. She recently made the list of the top developers under 30 and volunteers her time as the director of WomenWhoCode.

Meet your instructor