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Product Management

Gain the skills to bring products to market


Meet customer needs and business objectives

Your idea for the "next big thing" doesn't just appear, ready for users. Even small, incremental features require clear definitions and disciplined leadership to be realized. Many things have to be taken into consideration, from business requirements to user needs and technical obstacles. That’s where Product Managers come in.

  • Requirements
    Understand your customer needs and business requirements
  • Skills
    Learn the skills and tools to build wireframes, MVPs, and plans
  • Stakeholders
    Communicate clearly with stakeholders

What you will learn

Learn to navigate the product cycle, from evaluating users and analyzing competitors to creating an MVP and developing success metrics. Learn how to identify risks and opportunities at every stage of the process to lead a product's creation. You'll go hands-on every step of the way, to build and present a product roadmap.

  • Understand

    Understanding your customer

    Your product can't succeed without finding "product /market fit" – but how do you achieve it? Learn to identify and distill user personas through research.

  • Roadmap

    Designing your product and its roadmap

    From prioritizing features to creating wireframes, your product plan must include both the big picture and little details. Bring it all together with a roadmap to implementation.

  • Mvp

    Developing an MVP

    Before you head down the wrong path, get your product into the hands of users with a minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Communicate

    Communicating your plan

    You'll have both internal and external stakeholders who need to buy into and understand your plan. Learn best practices to articulate and pitch your vision.

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Part-time education, real results

Product Management is a part-time course designed to fit into your work or class schedule. In the evening lectures, you'll learn the skills you need to complete hands-on assignments. All lecture content is recorded and available online through our course platform.

You will create one cumulative project as a Product Manager building a new product or feature from research to roadmap. First focusing on building the right product for the right people, you will create strategies to manage and monitor your product's success – all with the support and feedback of industry professional instructors.


Part-time, - Course

Additional Information

  • Industry Expert Instructors

    We're not teaching you from a textbook, our instructors teach you skills informed by real-world experience.

  • Portfolio building

    Work on an all-encompassing project to showcase your new skills and continue forward after the course.

  • Constructive Feedback

    Create and pitch your plan, getting feedback informed by your intructors' experience launching products.

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Need financing?

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  • Choose a term of up to 60 months
  • Pay early with no penalties

Traditional term loans are also available. Please contact our admissions advisors if you have questions about financing.


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  • Does HST apply to course tuition?

    Yes, HST is added to the tuition fees for all of our part-time courses. Full-time, immersive courses are exempt from taxation.

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