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Bitmaker student profiles gives you instant access to a huge network of developers, designers and digital talent ready to make an impact.

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Bitmaker full-time alumni do much more than train to enter a new career in tech — they excel, applying new skills and ways of thinking to become leaders and decision-makers at some of the world’s most influential companies.


Bitmaker alumni are changing the world at companies like Logo shopify 0150cc743631a09a658aa26597609a573365e5fad781d27d3e11a8417bb80087 Logo hootsuite 698e15f07e770066b1151c097439211ae204b8e275c769881ffbaca2f3bd73e1 Logo ibm 5116e251dd450e313a84e22a50abd7b5b6e86852398e4b3fe8bab0a7a0e0b4af Logo breather b015a06d0d2ca368f8e9871dc5231fd648fa4a923a5d7cd8daabb71172839744 Logo twg b545d0ec84f2e6176ef3c5978a770034cc00a508f0bce6dac616dab218782956

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Bitmaker part-time courses are designed to help professionals grow their tech skills and collaborate to solve complex problems. Designers who understand code, developers who consider UX, and project managers who think about marketing – we help you build more effective teams.

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The satisfaction in having your small wins at Bitmaker is going to be addictive and unlike any sense of achievement you’ve felt before.

Stella Kim

Web Development, October 2013
Shopify, Former Merchandising at Kobo

Our part-time courses focus on upgrading skills and teaching professionals to work more closely in integrated teams. Bring new ways of thinking to your business. Full-time courses are intensive programs that produce smart, capable technical professionals.

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