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User Experience Design

Add UX design to your career skills


Learn the UX process and create powerful prototypes

Fun, easy-to-use apps and websites don’t happen by accident. We’ll show you how it’s done. In this 12-week hands-on course, we'll teach you the principles behind great user experiences and the methods used to turn them into designs people love.

  • User
    Put users at the centre of your design process
  • Tools
    Use industry leading tools like Sketch and InVision
  • Comm
    Communicate more effectively with your design team

What you will learn

From conducting customer research and designing effective user flows to building and testing prototypes, you’ll learn all the skills that have become an essential part of every great designer’s toolkit. And at the end, you’ll execute a design pitch good enough to convince any stakeholder.

  • Research 2

    Perform essential research

    Learn how to deliver on the needs of your users and stakeholders by conducting research that effectively exposes their goals and pain points.

  • Tools

    Use industry-standard tools

    Our instructors will teach you all the tips and tricks to put together visually impressive design using tools like Sketch and Photoshop.

  • Prototype

    Build your prototype

    Learn what's working and where you can improve your designs. Get users in the real world to try your prototype and give you feedback.

  • Presentation

    Pitch your design

    Learn how to justify your design choices and present your design with confidence both verbally and visually. Get your stakeholders on board.

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Part-time education, real results

User Experience Design is a part-time course designed to fit into your work or class schedule. In the evening lectures, you’ll learn the skills you need to complete hands-on assignments. All lecture content is recorded and available online through our course platform.

In addition to weekly lectures, we offer students the chance for extra help through ‘office hours’ sessions. Stuck on an assignment? Looking to learn a bit extra on a topic? We’re here to make sure you get what you need out of the program.

Week at Bitmaker

  • Class

    Learn new skills from the expert instructors and practice with short exercises.

  • Mentor Hours

    Get help with assignments and pursue extra learning.

  • Homework

    Every week you'll apply the skills you learn in class to assignment work. Expect up to 10 hours of out-of-class work.

Additional Information


Our instruction team features top talent who have made a career with the skills they're teaching in our classrooms. They're passionate about teaching and are here to help you learn these skills.

  • Ahmad

    Ahmad Kadhim


  • Dieter

    Dieter Limeback

  • Matt hy

    Matt Hryhorsky


Part-time, 12 Weeks Course

Additional Information

  • Industry Expert Instructors

    We're not teaching you from a textbook, our instructors teach you skills informed by real-world experience.

  • Mentor Time

    Get help outside of class to work on your assignments and final project during weekly office hours.

  • Portfolio Building

    Work on a passion project to showcase your new skills and continue forward after the course.

Need financing?

Course financing 579cad4955b47a5e9bf7d1dac8cf4f3dd0c9e41a148937d7c3193acdab1f799a

We work with some great partners to provide financing options to our students, including a 6-month deferred payment option that allows students to make no payments until after completing the course. Qualifying applicants can:

  • Cover your total course fees
  • Choose a term of up to 60 months
  • Pay early with no penalties

Traditional term loans are also available. Please contact our admissions advisors if you have questions about financing.


  1. July 2017, Part-time, 12 Weeks

    1. Prep Deadline

      Last chance to finish prep work before the class

    2. Your First Day

      Meet your classmates and start learning hands-on

    3. Last Session

      Finish up your project and share it with the class

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    Complete the application form

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    Get all your questions answered by our admissions team

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    Reserve your spot with a deposit

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